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The IAI CPD workshop entitled An introduction to use and application of 3D photogrammetry for archaeologists and those in the heritage sector will take place on Friday 30th June 2017 at 63 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. The trainer for the day is Gary Dempsey (Realsim/ VHN).

This one day training CPD workshop will enable participants learn about and engage with some of the software packages available, learn how to use their digital cameras effectively so that the images can confirm to the requirements of the software, add accurate scale and ground control points, and generate informative and accurate images of the objects photographed.

The course will consist of a morning where the theory will be outlined, as well as some useful case studies. The trainer will outline some of the pitfalls that archaeologists can avoid. The afternoon session will be based around the practical usage of the tools used in 3D photogrammetry and the generation of a useable end product.

(Participants are encouraged to bring a digital camera and laptop computer – details are outlined on the course outline)

Course outline and Schedule  (Click to download)

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The IAI CPD workshop entitled An introduction to field walking techniques for ploughzone archaeology will take place on Saturday 22nd April 2017 at Skerries Mills, Skerries, Co. Dublin. The trainer for the day is Dr. Conor Brady (Dundalk Institute of Humanities).

This one day introductory training CPD course will enable participants learn how to set up effective recording controls for systematic field walking, carry out field walking with the supervision of a trainer who will assist in helping you identify materials of archaeological significance. The course will show how to record the finds, analyze the finds distribution and be familiar with best practice in terms of storing, recording and handing materials to the statutory authorities.

(Please note: this is a practical field based training course. Participants need to bring suitable footwear and clothing for a day on site in a ploughed field. Skerries Mills have kindly made their facilities available to participants).

 Course Outline and Schedule 2017 (Click to download)

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The IAI CPD seminar entitled  Successful use of social media for those in the cultural heritage sector will take place on Friday 17th February at 63 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 . The trainers for the one-day seminar are Damien Shiels (Irish in the American Civil War/ Rubicon Heritage), Niamh Donnellan (Heritage Week Coordinator, Heritage Council) and Siobhan Pierce (Education Officer, Archaeology and Natural History, National Museum of Ireland).

The one day training seminar will tease out several queries that will be of value to people in the cultural heritage sector. The topics addressed  will include, the role of blogging; an outline of the input required to run a successful blog; how you can make social media pay or is it a labour of love?; striking a balance – setting a social etiquette and correct tone for use in the social media engagement; is social media and blogging the new form of publication or is it a more engaging form of publication?; identifying the milestones in communicating in social media; what are the benefits and pitfalls of different social media platforms?; what makes a successful media campaign?.

The formalised presentation will be followed by an afternoon participants guided workshop.


Course outline and schedule (Click to download)

Registration Form (pdf) ( /  Registration Form (Word) (Click to download)

Registration on the day will open at 9.40am and the course will commence at 10.00am. The course will run until 4.00pm. Advance booking is recommended.


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