What counts as CPD ?

The value of CPD to the particular individual is based on its relevance to them so if an undertaking develops your skill base, adds to your sum of professional knowledge or the archaeological knowledge base as a whole-it is CPD.

For record purposes there are five main areas:

  1. Training-attendance or giving of conferences, lectures, IAI CPD event, training courses etc.
  2. Professional/Institutional Activities-serving on committees, councils, think-tanks, IAI Board, lectures for organisations, local societies etc.
  3. Publication & Communication-writing, editing, peer-reviewing, articles, books, exhibitions, newspaper pieces, etc.
  4. Post-grad Education-relevant masters etc.
  5. Miscellaneous-to include up to one day of structured reading.


IAI CPD Requirement: 40 hours or 5 days per year.