About the IAI

The IAI is the representative all-island organisation for professional archaeologists working in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The aim of the IAI, through the representation of our members, is to advance and strengthen the profession of archaeology in Ireland. Our vision is that we will have a vibrant and sustainable archaeological profession that actively contributes to the protection of our archaeological resource, which in turn contributes to the social and economic wellbeing of the entire community. To achieve our aim and vision, we are committed to a range of long term measures, including:

  • The implementation of our 3-Year Plan 2021-2024
  • Promotion and development of the IAI Codes of Professional Conduct
  • Facilitating the Continuous Professional Development of our members
  • Active engagement with all the stakeholders involved in the management and protection of our archaeological resource
  • Increasing public awareness and understanding of our archaeological heritage

Board of Directors

  • Dr. David Stone (Editor IAI News) – [email protected]
  • Dr. Niamh McCullagh (Treasurer) – [email protected]
  • Deborah Buchanan (Student Representative)
  • Ed Lyne (Ordinary Member – JIA Convenor)
  • Dr. Susan Curran (Ordinary Member – RIA Representative)
  • Sally Siggins (Ordinary Member)
  • James Kyle (Ordinary Member)

Download IAI Statutes

IAI Rules and Guidelines Memorandum & Articles of Association Standing Orders for Meetings

IAI Three-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2024)

A copy of the IAI Three-year Strategic Plan (2021-2024) can be downloaded: 3-Year Plan 2021-2024. If members have any views/issues on the content of the 3 Year Plan, please email [email protected]

As part of the development of the new Three-Year Strategic Plan the Institute commissioned an independently facilitated session during the annual 2019 conference held in Cork. The session, facilitated by Tina O’Dywer (The Tourism Space), was designed to obtain the input of members on a number of key questions. The Board wishes to formulate short-term and long-term objectives to address these questions and guide the future development of the IAI and the profession itself. The report of this Strategic Consultation is available for interested parties to consult: here.

View the previous Three-Year Strategic Plan

Event Sponsorship

The Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland (IAI) has set aside a modest annual fund, from its Membership subscriptions, to sponsor archaeological and heritage events. Recipients of IAI sponsorship must adhere to the Rules and Regulations as specified by IAI. Full details of selection criteria, regulations attached to an acceptance of an offer and submission details can be found by downloading the IAI Sponsorship Application Form

Download the 2022-23 Public Members Register