Guidelines & Technical Reports


Environmental Requirements for Afforestation

New Environmental Requirements for Afforestation came into effect for all new afforestation approvals from 2nd December 2016.

These Requirements replace those measures relating to afforestation contained within the following Forest Service Environmental Guidelines: Forestry & Water Quality GuidelinesForestry & Archaeology GuidelinesForestry & the Landscape Guidelines, and Forest Biodiversity Guidelines. (Note, however, that these Guidelines still apply to other Forest Service non-afforestation regulated activities, as specified in any approval, consent or licence issued.)

» Environmental Reguirements for Afforestation

Date added: 12 December 2016


Environmental Sampling: Guidelines for Archaeologists (2007)

This is a guidance document on best practice in sampling for bioarchaeological remains prepared by the Environmental Subcommittee for the membership of IAI, particularly those working in the commercial sector. It was ratified by the members at the Annual General Meeting in 2007.

» Environmental Sampling Guidelines (2007) comp-1

Date added: 26th January 2015


The Treatment of Human Remains: Technical Paper for Archaeologists (2004)

This is a technical paper on the treatment of human skeletal remains from archaeological excavations. Originally prepared by the Human Osteoarchaeology Subcommittee of the Irish Association of Professional Archaeologists (IAPA) (1999); it was re-published by the IAI 2004. 

» The Treatment of Human Remains

It is accompanied by a number of standard recording sheets:

» Skeleton-Adult

» Skeleton-Adolescent

» Skeleton-Infant

Date added: 16th February 2015


Best Practice Standard: Archaeological Services in Fixed Price Contracts

The standard and guidance procedures for archaeological services in fixed price contracts used in the Republic of Ireland was published in April 2012. This standard is the minimum quality requirement to be met by an individual or corporate member of the IAI when undertaking archaeological services under a fixed price contract (phases 1-4 or individual phases), in order to protect the archaeological heritage.

» IAI Best Practice Standard Procedures in Fixed Price Contracts 2012

It is accompanied by a technical advice sheet: procurers of archaeological services using fixed price contracts

» IAI Advice procurers using fixed price contracts 2012

Date added: 5th October 2015