Continuous Professional Development


CPD programme design

The CPD programme is designed around a suite of identifiable practical hands-on training events, each training event being delivered once within a two year cycle. This approach enables members to keep up to date with changes in the discipline, developments in methods employed and adherence to available guidance and best practice.

In addition a series of additional seminars will be delivered annually to compliment the suite of practical training events. These seminars will cover a range of relevant topics for the professional archaeologist.

The CPD programme is designed to be open, inclusive and relevant to the members it serves. The IAI welcomes members suggestions for relevant topics for CPD.

If members have a topic they wish to discuss and/or feel that wish to share their expertise and take a role as a trainer for an event, they should contact the CPD Coordinator, Dr. Eoin Sullivan –


Mandatory CPD

It is proposed that only full members undertake mandatory CPD. Mandatory CPD is necessary as a foundation for a cohesive structure and standards within the profession. Mandatory CPD is also linked to maintaining levels of professional competence and ensures that members skills are kept up-to-date.

Members who are restricted (parental leave/illness/carers etc.) can fulfil their CPD requirement over 2 years.

Those full members who no longer have an active involvement in archaeology or find that CPD is not relevant to them may wish to consider transferring to Associate Membership.

Mandatory CPD must be approved by the members in accordance with the Articles of Association.

CPD Record

Any system needs to be measurable and the CPD Record is designed to be flexible and easy to use. In all 40 hours of relevant CPD are required. There are a number of provisos:

  • Actual time spent in CPD activities should be recorded
  • Structured reading is confined to 1 day (8 hours).

CPD & Membership

Commitment to CPD and participation in CPD activity will be viewed favourably in new membership applications and upgrading to full membership.

CPD Registration & Cancellation Policy

IAI operates a pre-payment policy via cheque, bank transfer or Paypal.

In the event of cancellation through lack of participation those who have pre-paid will be refunded.

There will be no refunds on participant cancellations received between the end of registration and the event.

If you are unable to make it on the day please inform the CPD Co-ordinator.