IAI Newsletter – open call for articles by 6 July

Dear Reader,
As the new editor of the IAI Newsletter I’d like to put out a call for contributions for the summer edition of the Newsletter. I hope to follow on from the great work of the outgoing editor Charles Mount and also put my own stamp on the Newsletter.
I’m looking for contributions of 100–1000 words, with up to 3 photos if needed. I would really love to share and showcase new excavations, research, state-funded projects, community-led projects, discoveries, news items etc etc from the whole island of Ireland – North and South.
I also want to include a feature on specialisms and how they contribute to our better understanding of Irish Archaeology in 2018. So, if you specialise in animal bone or charcoal or prehistoric pottery or pollen etc etc please send me in
• a synopsis on what you do,
• what information you can gather from the sample/artefact/object,
• current and past examples of important discoveries within your field,
• how we as field archaeologists or research archaeologists can use this source of information to its best capacity.
Finally, I’d like to add some fun features so we as members can get to know each other better. I was thinking of a “20 Questions” and a “Day In The Life” section. So, if you’d like to put your name forward for them please get in touch!

The deadline for contributions has been extended to Friday 6th July. Please feel free to email me with any queries about possible contributions at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I can’t promise that every contribution will make the final Newsletter but I’ll make every effort.
There will be a change in the delivery of the Newsletter also. From this point on it will be accessed through the Members Section of the IAI website, rather than in an e-mail.
I’m really looking forward to this Newsletter edition as Archaeology in Ireland is booming at the moment and I’m sure there are some fantastic excavations and research being conducted as we speak!

All the Best,
Muireann Ní Cheallacháin
Editor of the IAI Newsletter