JIA Call for Papers & shorter paper format

JIA Call for Papers and announcement of shorter paper format

The Call for Papers for Vol. XXVIII 2019 of the Journal of Irish Archaeology (to be published in late 2019) will close on 28 February 2019.


In addition to longer PAPERS, the Journal of Irish Archaeology is now also seeking submissions of shorter REPORTS. Both should have a strong analytical component, but PAPERS will have more substantial discussion sections in which the broader implications of the research are considered. REPORTS may be more technical, address a narrower topic, and/or have a narrower analytical context. For example, a PAPER on the excavation of a Mesolithic flint scatter may contextualize the new findings within a broader analysis of Mesolithic mobility and subsistence patterns. A REPORT on the same Mesolithic flint scatter may restrict its analysis to contextualising the finds within our current understanding of Mesolithic flint tool technology.


PAPERS should be no longer than c. 10,000 words, including bibliography, tables and captions. Authors considering submission of papers of greater length must discuss them with the editor (currently Dr Katharina Becker) in advance of submission. REPORTS should be c. 3,500 words including bibliography, tables and captions. The editor reserves the right to determine the categorization of a submission as a PAPER or a REPORT. If an author is unsure about whether their work would be better submitted as a PAPER or a REPORT, they are encouraged to contact the editor ([email protected]).


The JIA Editorial Board would particularly encourage archaeologists working in the commercial sector to consider making submissions of shorter REPORTS to the journal.