IAI Conference 2021

IAI Conference 2021 booklet (download) – IAI Conference Book 2021

Links to the conference videos will be circulated by email to all members on Thursday 22 May

Videos will be accessible from 24 April – 2 May 2021. This is a free event to attend.



The IAI Conference 2021 will be held online in the last week of April 2021. The theme is ‘Archaeology 2020- where are we now, where are we going?’. There will be two sessions.

Session 1 Archaeology in Large Infrastructural Developments
This session will examine how large-scale developments are managed and discuss the range of archaeological sites being found on them.

Session 2 Archaeology in Plan
This session will review how Irish Archaeologists put relevant planning documents into practice, including through publication, collaborative research, database development, survey and raising public awareness of heritage.

All presentations will be online on the IAI YouTube channel for the last week of April. Login details for this will be sent to all IAI members and any members of the public can receive the link by contacting the conference organiser Dr Lorna O’Donnell (odonnell.lorna[@]gmail.com). The conference videos will be available to view from Saturday 24 April to Sunday 2 May 2021.


IAI Conference 2021 sessions and speakers

Archaeology 2020- where are we now, where are we going?

Introduction by Malcolm Noonan T.D. Minister for Heritage and Electoral Reform

Introduction by Mr James Kyle, Chair of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland

Session 1 Archaeology in Large Scale Developments
Chair Mary Deevy – Transport Infrastructure Ireland

1 Steven Mc Glade – Archaeology Plan
An ancient pathway and associated monuments in North Dublin. Excavation of a Site in Clonard or Folkstown Great, Co. Dublin.

2 Faith Bailey/Maeve Tobin – Irish Archaeological Consultancy Ltd
Planning a new town in a heritage landscape: Cherrywood SDZ

3 Graham Hull – TVAS (Ireland) Ltd
Mixed Beaker period and Early Bronze Age pottery and a Late Bronze Age moss-lined timber trough with a burnt stone mound near Glenties, Co. Donegal

4 Dr Edward Pollard, Anthony Corns, Sandra Henry, Robert Shaw and Dr Linda Shine- The Discovery Programme. Louise Barker, Dr Toby Driver and Daniel Hunt – The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. James Barry, Kieran Craven and Sean Cullen- The Geological Survey of Ireland. Dr Sarah Davies, Dr Patrick Robson – Aberystwyth University
The CHERISH Project: Surveying Promontory Forts on the Copper Coast of Co. Waterford

5 John Channing- Archaeological Management Solutions
Ancestral Place. An Overview of current excavations at Gortnacrannagh 2 on the N5 Project combined with a look at current and possible future site recording technologies.


Session 2 Archaeology in Plan
Chair Professor Muiris O’Sullivan – University College Dublin

6 Michael MacDonagh – National Monuments Service
Update from the National Monuments Service

7 Mary Deevy- Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Archaeology and
Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Archaeology and Research

8 Joseph Davis- Independent
Databases for Museums

9 Dr Rowan McLaughin – Department of Scientific Research, The British Museum
Where we are, when we are: Irish archaeology in The Information Age

10 James Kyle- Chair of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland
Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland Three Year Plan

11 Ken Hanley- Transport Infrastructure Ireland
We all have stories to tell!

12 Alison Stapleton, Dr Stephen Davis and Professor Louise McHugh- University College Dublin
Assessing well-being in commercial archaeology on the island of Ireland: Preliminary results

13 Dr Stephen Davis – University College Dublin
Archaeological specialists: what next?

14 Luke Hally – University College Dublin
Steeds, Silk and Scourge: Analysing the precursor, extent and impact of Nerva-Antonine dynasty interactions with the Han Empire

15 Dr Evan Hill – Queen’s University Belfast, Prof. Chris Hunt – Liverpool John Moores University, Dr Tim Reynolds – Birkbeck, University of London, Dr Ryan Rabett – Queen’s University Belfast, Prof. Graeme Barker – University of Cambridge
Archaeology and the Contested Past: Examples from Iraq and Vietnam

Keynote address
Professor Eileen Murphy – Queen’s University of Belfast
Engaged Research and Community Archaeology in Archaeology & Palaeoecology, Queen’s University Belfast