In-depth Pottery Analysis Course with pottery specialist Clare McCutcheon

The IAI is delighted to announce an in-depth Pottery Analysis Course with pottery specialist Clare McCutcheon. This course will take place over four Saturdays between October and December 2023. It will cover a range of topics including the preparation of pottery to send to specialists, licence eligibility interview, general knowledge of medieval & post medieval pottery in island of Ireland, potential for dating, food processing etc., Illustrations & photography, specialists list, references, and essential understanding of context.

Course Outcomes
1. All participants to have a working knowledge of medieval and post-medieval pottery in Ireland;
2. Ability to give accurate information both on-site and during post-excavation write-up of excavation;
3. Some participants will take on writing reports for their companies and/or freelancing.

The dates and times for this course are:

Sat Oct 14th, 10am-1pm
Sat Nov 4th, 10am-1pm
Sat Dec 2nd, 10am-1pm
Sat TBC For session 4

This is a free course, open to all IAI members, however, we do require those who register to commit to attending all four sessions. Each session will build on the last, so all four sessions needed to complete this course. To register, please email Niamh at [email protected]. We would like to thank the National Monuments Service and the Heritage Council for funding our CPD programme.