Palaeo-environmental Guidelines Review (TII)

TII are reviewing their Palaeo-environmental Guidelines, led by Dr Ellen O’Carroll, and have produced a Google Form to capture people’s views. The survey is completed anonymously and the data will be retained until the survey is completed (be end of 2023). It contains questions about IAI membership as well (to compare views of members and non-members anonymously). It is requested that all responses will be returned by October 20th.

The following survey was designed for archaeology practitioners who wish to provide feedback on the “TII Palaeo-environmental Sampling Guidelines” as part of an ongoing review intended to ensure the guidelines are up to date and provide the best outcome. Please note that it is not necessary to answer all questions, and you can confine your response to questions where you feel you have an opinion or relevant experiences to offer.

For more on the consultation see: Palaeo-environmental guidelines – (
The existing guidelines can be viewed at this link: Microsoft Word – TII_palaeo-environmental sampling_guidelines_rev 5 word
Further information on the survey, including a GDPR statement, can be read on the first page of the survey.