Our newly-updated website

We are happy to share the newly updated website for the IAI which aims to facilitate better membership access and inform the general public of our ongoing events and achievements and we would like to thank the Heritage Council for funding the redesign and relaunch of our new website. We would encourage all members to log in (https://www.iai.ie/member-login/) and update their profiles to facilitate the launch of the new searchable public member list. New fields for role and a short bio have been included to help members of the public, developers and colleagues to find specialists and service providers. The search function will only operate properly once all members have updated their profile so we ask that you do so as soon as possible, and remind your colleagues to do likewise. If you are having problems accessing the members area you may need to request a new password by clicking ‘forgot my password’. Please check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. If you do not receive an updated password your account may be linked to an older email address. Please get in contact with the membership secretary, Maeve Tobin at [email protected] to update your contact email.