Photogrammetry for Archaeological Documentation with Gary Dempsey of Digital Heritage Age

The IAI is pleased to announce an upcoming CPD on Photogrammetry for Archaeological Documentation with Gary Dempsey of Digital Heritage Age.
In this one-day workshop participants will gain insights into functional use cases of photogrammetry within the field of archaeology. Throughout the workshop, attendees will learn how to effectively utilize photogrammetry for visualization and measurement purposes, enhancing their ability to document and analyse archaeological sites and artifacts. Specifically, participants will learn the following:

  1. Introduction to Photogrammetry: Understand the fundamental principles of photography for photogrammetry and its application in archaeological documentation.
  2. Field and Lab Techniques for Image Capture: Learn best practices for capturing high-quality images of archaeological sites and artifacts, ensuring optimal data collection for subsequent photogrammetric processing.
  3. Data Processing Basics: Gain hands-on experience with photogrammetric software tools, such as Agisoft Metashape or 3DZeypher and learn the essential steps for processing raw images into detailed three-dimensional models.
  4. Quality Assessment and Visualization: Explore techniques for assessing the quality of photogrammetric reconstructions and learn how to effectively visualize and present archaeological data to various audiences.
  5. Practical Application: Engage in practical exercises and field and laboratory simulations to apply learned concepts and techniques in real-world scenarios, reinforcing understanding and skill development.

Participants are encouraged to bring artefacts they would like to try scanning. This is a full day workshop and will take place on May 24th in UCD School of Archaeology’s Ardmore Seminar Room. There is no charge for this CPD, but places are limited and participants are asked to bring their own digital camera and laptop computer. To register please contact Niamh at [email protected]. Further details are attached below. As always, our thanks to the National Monuments Service for their support of our CPD programme and to the UCD School of Archaeology for allowing us to use their facilities.